ClassicPress Beta2 is out

ClassicPress has released the anticipated Beta2.

This BETA version addresses the security vulnerabilities that were fixed in WordPress versions 4.9.9 and 5.0.1.

Plus there are some added changes which include known cases where certain security scanners were incorrectly identifying ClassicPress sites to be using WordPress version 1.0.0. That should no longer be an issue.

Apparently not many users had an issue with that particular problem, but there seemed to be some who had their sites scanned and they reported there was an issue.

With this update Dashboard news from WordPress has been replaced with the ClassicPress Blog along with:

  • Translations are now served from ClassicPress infrastructure.
  • All references to WordPress support have been replaced with ClassicPress forums.
  • And various other fixes and improvements.

You can find out more by visiting:


If you use ClassicPress, Beta2 is a security update.

The process for updating is simple. In the update section of your dashboard you will see a button that reads “Update Now”. Click on that button and the update should be fairly quick.

The update did not finish on two of my sites. However, I was switching back and forth between tabs and that could have been the issue for me.

The end result was, I clicked on the updates (in the left menu) again which refreshed the page and the blue button was presented again. The second time it worked like a charm.

Please, always back up your site before you update.

Here’s to looking forward.