A Fork of WordPress With A Future.

I recently wrote about what I considered to be a flaw in the publicly-announced structuring of the ClassicPress project. That was back on the 19th February. My concern was that the ClassicPress project was basically one person with a few volunteers, and that if something happened to the owner of the company, the ClassicPress project […]

Oversight or just sloppiness?

Telling the truth isn’t a bad thing. If that truth provides collateral benefits to businesses and bloggers alike, be happy. WordPress has begun to make it more clear they weren’t exactly honest in their assertion that Gutenberg wouldn’t take over WordPress. Let that be something that benefits you, ClassicPress, as a project.

ClassicPress Localization Problem – Stopgap Plugin

Seems ClassicPress hasn’t been completely forthcoming with their announcement of their Beta version being ready for use on live sites. As pointed out in their forums a day ago, localization (using languages other than English) doesn’t always work well. The Customizer doesn’t seem to work with some languages. A bug? According to the conversation it […]

From A User Point Of View

I believe it is in the interest of those who might consider using ClassicPress to think about the future of the project. I am mindful of the user when I write. I prefer to consider that while developers resist including ClassicPress in their long term development at this time, users may or may not benefit […]

ClassicPress Beta2 is out

ClassicPress has released the anticipated Beta2. This BETA version addresses the security vulnerabilities that were fixed in WordPress versions 4.9.9 and 5.0.1. Plus there are some added changes which include known cases where certain security scanners were incorrectly identifying ClassicPress sites to be using WordPress version 1.0.0. That should no longer be an issue. Apparently […]

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