Now That We Have the Full ClassicPress Release

Thankfully, the world is still here. The WordPress project continues unabated. Some really cool stuff is being rolled out in the WordPress community with regard to plugins. And ClassicPress (I will probably often refer to it as “CP”) has finally released their full version 1.0.0 with a WordPress-like security release v.1.0.1 almost immediately following. Okay, […]

Oversight or just sloppiness?

Telling the truth isn’t a bad thing. If that truth provides collateral benefits to businesses and bloggers alike, be happy. WordPress has begun to make it more clear they weren’t exactly honest in their assertion that Gutenberg wouldn’t take over WordPress. Let that be something that benefits you, ClassicPress, as a project.

ClassicPress Localization Problem – Stopgap Plugin

Seems ClassicPress hasn’t been completely forthcoming with their announcement of their Beta version being ready for use on live sites. As pointed out in their forums a day ago, localization (using languages other than English) doesn’t always work well. The Customizer doesn’t seem to work with some languages. A bug? According to the conversation it […]